Hug Cottage: August 14, 2021

Living Room Fireplace

In this picture I sought to capture the warmth of the room. Without currants or shades the sun creates shadows that play with the colors of the room. The actual color of the wall is a butter cream with a slight yellow tint. The floor is painted a brownish white-yellow that compliments the walls. The door is deep, glossy red. The pillow on the rocker showed up yesterday as a housewarming gift. (We love poppies, as our gardens will demonstrate in time.)

The front porch.

The picture is fairly accurate in its color rendering. Next spring the house will be painted some shade of cream with a yellow tint with white trim and back accents. Still working on the color. In time the antique cast posts will be traded out for pillars (we think) and then repurposed in the garden. The porch peak wall will get a craftsman architectural piece fitting a cottage.

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