Small Town Blessings

My friend there is something special about living in a small town! Maybe it is the ions off of Lake Erie. Maybe it is just the small town way of doing things. Or maybe it is just Sheffield Lake. Whatever the reason, it is special.

What’s it been now? I think we’ve lived here twelve weeks. Haven’t even had time to settle in. Nevertheless, we do feel blessed to be here after several years of living in a big city. Seems that just about everyone is friendly and goes out of their way to be helpful. We’ve been blessed over and over again, not only by our neighbors, but by strangers too.

I must share one of those blessings with you:

This past week Lorraine was returning home from grocery shopping. Shortly after she entered our little town, the alternator died — right in the middle of an intersection. Within in minutes an older Good Samaritan stopped to offer assistance. After making sure she was okay, he drove several blocks to pick me up and take me to the car. (As you know we are a one-car family.) I had no sooner got there and another Good Samaritan stops to offer assistance. After we push the car out of the intersection, this Good Samaritan mentions that he is a mechanic, do I mind if he takes a look? “Be my guest,” I say. He confirms that it is the alternator. I ask if he works independently on cars. He does, and gives me his number. Then graciously he gives Lorraine a ride home while I wait for Triple-A.

Later I call this gentleman to offer the work, and ask him how much he would charge. His reply, “No charge, just pay for the parts.” He then offers to come that evening after work to take care of it. When I thanked him as he finished up his comment was, “It’s just how we are in Sheffield Lake.”

(For the record I did pay him for his work.)

Unexpected blessings!

Hug Cottage
August 8, 2021